Cloud Sling

My 100% supersoft merino cloud sling is designed to offer you a unique choice of prop for your newborn photography.

Can also be used as a chunky layer as shown in the last two images.

Care instructions can be viewed here

Spot clean only, I recommend that you place a pad inside the well of the sling to catch any little accidents.

Available in off white, grey and mink.

I hand craft my cloud slings to order so please allow up to 14 days for dispatch.

Please check out the short safety guide before using a sling as a photography prop safety guide

Slings / Hammocks

My slings are sold purely as newborn photography props and are only suitable for the age ranges indicated. I have made them with extra strength in mind.

-You should always have a spotter on hand near to the baby whilst they are in the sling.
-The sling should be placed onto a beanbag or large pillow and the baby placed into it before suspending.
-The sling can then be lifted slightly above the soft surface by adults securely holding the ties.
-The photographs can then be taken and the beanbag/pillow/hands can be edited out afterwards if necessary.
-Never leave a baby suspended in a sling.
-Never cut any loose threads as this may cause the sling to unravel.
-You may wish to use a pad inside the sling to reduce stretching.
-The sling should be reshaped after use. 

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