Photography Prop Safety Guide

A short safety guide

Firstly I am not a photographer so I do not profess to know how to safely pose your subjects. There is a wealth of information and newborn posing guides available out there and I point you in their direction.

Please be aware that a some of the images displayed on my website are composites and may not be as they seem. This is especially true of some of the newborn poses and images using my hammocks.

I ask you to take special care of those little bundles whose parents have entrusted you with and take note of a few safety tips.

Slings / Hammocks

My slings are sold purely as photography props and are only suitable for the age ranges indicated. I have made them with extra strength in mind.

   -You should always have a spotter on hand near to the baby whilst they are in the sling.
   -The sling should be placed onto a beanbag or large pillow and the baby placed into it before suspending.
   -The sling can then be lifted slightly above the soft surface by adults securely holding the ties.
   -The photographs can then be taken and the beanbag/pillow/hands can be edited out afterwards if necessary.
   -Never leave a baby suspended in a sling.
   -Never cut any loose threads as this may cause the sling to unravel.
   -You may wish to use a pad inside the sling to reduce stretching.
   -The sling should be reshaped after use.


My photography prop hats are not designed for everyday use. Many have long tails and buttons on them that you should not leave babies unattended with.

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