Cloud Product Care instructions


Your Cloud Product


Thank you for purchasing one of my Cloud products. I hope that you will love the luxurious softness of the 100% merino wool.



This product will need some care to keep it in perfect condition. You may experience a small amount of shedding especially during the first couple uses. I recommend that the product be kept in a cool place and be covered with tissue paper or a cotton throw. I would not recommend storing in the plastic bag once it has been unpacked as this may generate static overtime and cause the individual strands to stand up.



If large bits of the wool shed you can gently tease them out of the product (do not cut off as this will cause more strands to work their way out. Alternatively you can tease the loose strands back into the main wool by stroking in the direction of the strands.



Do not immerse in water or put into the washing machine, the product will simply fall apart. You can spot clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe. This is a natural product and has natural cleaning properties.



You may wish to air the product outside to remove any odours.




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