November 09, 2015

If you know me you know that I am a busy mum of three beautiful girls. I have a day job, a house, a wonderful husband and I also love to train pretty hard. But because I just can't sit still I fill up spare (and some not so spare) time running Big Crocodile. My business was born literally at the birth of my third daughter when my awesome Midwife now turned awesome photographer noticed a blanket that I had knitted for my new daughter. She asked if I could knit some hats for her as photography props and it just grew from there.

Big Crocodile himself is my middle daughter's imaginary friend. So you see without my girls there would be no Big Crocodile designs at all and I would probably still be ambling around trying to find my 'thing'

I have always wanted to make my business a family affair allowing the girls to take some ownership of what I do. As they have grown they have helped with packing deliveries, packaging products, winding wool, helping with the Big Crocodile story and listing on websites. The two biggies have now proficiently learnt to knit, partly, I think in an effort to get more attention from me and also they are shrewd characters and have worked out that there may be some money in it for them.

Little Croc Knitters

So here I introduce the newest Little Croc knitters. They have been working hard learning and practicing their knitting skills and have now achieved a level where I believe their creations are good enough to sell. They have already had some of their hats and blankets listed in the ready to ship props section of www.bigcrocodile.co.uk . They sold very quickly much to their delight.

Each product they make is checked by me for quality and an actual picture of the finished product is shown (not a sample). Any issues are always honestly highlighted however I have not needed to mention any yet. These props are usually listed at a slightly lower price simply due to the fact that they have been made by someone with less experience. 

To teach the girls about business they cover the costs of the materials, a little bit for admin costs and of course the tax is paid by Big Crocodile but all of the remaining profit goes in their piggy banks.

Immi (10)
Immi is a very proficient knitter, she can read patterns and is very creative. She has designed and written her own pattern for a simple ear warmer (available from the website). She has proven to be a very good pattern proof reader too happily pointing out my mistakes. A few of her hats recently sold through the website and she sometimes helps me out with orders.

Maddi (8)
Maddi is currently saving to stock her fish tank (at the moment she has just the stones, plant and a new filter) she is patiently waiting for the cash to get the fish. She is a confident knitter but gets frustrated easily so can sometimes fall out of love with it. However I was very proud of her when she recently started a blanket and worked and worked at it to get it finished even when it was taking her 'too long'. She saw her sister bash out a few hats in that time and wished she hadn't chosen to make a blanket, but she stuck at it bless her and that blanket was the first of the Little Crocs items to sell.

Last week I finally gave in an taught my youngest (5) to knit. I had not given her enough credit thinking there was no way she would get it, how wrong I was. Not only did she pick it up but she did so in record time, I think I only showed her 2 or 3 knit stitches and she was off. she is currently working on a small blanket, pink of course, for her ever present cuddly tiger.

Many of the girl's friends have asked me to teach them to knit too so I am building up a very cool group of Little Crocs. I am hoping that more and more of them will have a chance to proudly sell their creations in the near future.

Look out for Little Crocs creations in the ready to ship prop shop. If you do purchase any of these the girls would be made up if you would share an image of them in use with them.

Pamela x

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