Why Big Crocodile?

January 12, 2015 1 Comment

I often get asked why Big Crocodile? Well he is my second daughter's imaginary friend. He has been with us for years now but is slowly becoming a less frequent visitor. I enjoyed her stories of what he was up to so much that I did not want to forget him when she no longer needed him. He has therefore been honoured as my business identity. My daughters think that is brilliant.

Big Crocodile

This is a story about how for a while
We had a house guest known as Big Crocodile
he arrived one day out of the blue
bought home by child number 2

He'd sit at the table, he had his own place
Maddi made sure he had enough space
His favourite foods were cake and stew 
Served up to him by child number 2
We had no shoes to match his size
So he wore roller skates as part of his guise
He loved to play games like Snap and Guess Who
He was the best friend of child number 2
He was too big for the car so rode out on top 
Slipping down the side when we came to a stop
He'd look through the window at Maddison Moo
Pulling funny faces at child number 2
Whenever there was trouble he'd get the blame

'Big Crocodile did it' she'd say with no shame 
but eventually he moved on somewhere new
he had lived in the head of child number 2

Big Crocodile has changed a few times over the years. He finally looks how she says he did so he is here to stay in his new format. I hope you like the new look Big Crocodile.
Images and story of Big Crocodile (c) Big Crocodile ltd 

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February 02, 2015

Absolutely charming explanation,love the way you have put Maddie’s “Friend” into verse as well.

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